Through Her Eyes

Presented on 5/5/18 at KC's Union Station by KC Contemporary Dance. Lighting by Daniel Parks and photos by Philip Koenig. Through Her Eyes featured an all female cast and seven female choreographers, including Leigh Murray, Katie Metzger, Caroline Morales, Shelby West, Nora Burkitt, Katarina Fitzpatrick, and Whitney Ramsey. 

Dance in the Park 2017

Choreography by Leigh Murray and Katie Metzger

Dancers: Caroline Morales, Katie Metzger, Holly Harmison, Chelsea Koenig, Katarina Fitzpatrick.


Shifting Tides 

Choreography by Leigh Murray and Katie Metzger

Dancers: Nora Burkitt, Chelsea Koenig, Holly Harmison, Shelby West, Laura Fiatte, Caroline Morales, Katie Metzger, Katarina Fitzpatrick, Leigh Murray, Lexi James, Heather Crist

Lighting by Daniel Parks

Photos by Philip Koenig


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