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Meet Lexi James!

Welcome back, readers! We are excited to introduce you to new company dancer Lexi James!

1. How long have you been dancing?

I’ve been dancing since I was 3! My parents put me in dance early on and I was hooked.

2. Who or what is your biggest dancing inspiration?

I draw a lot of inspiration from the dancers I work with. I made some really dear friends while I was with a dance company in St. Louis and they continue to inspire me as we all dance in different cities across the country!

3. Tell us about your hobbies outside of dance.

I am a huge baseball fan! My husband and I love to watch baseball and attend games in different cities. I’m also obsessed with coffee. One of my favorite things to do on the weekend is explore new shops in KC.

4. How did you come to dance with KCCD?

I was dancing with a company in St. Louis in the summer of 2016 and we came as guest artists to perform with KCCD in the KC Fringe festival. I loved the repertory they performed. When I decided to move back to Kansas City I knew I wanted to dance for them!

5. Favorite musical artist or band?

Anything country! I’m a city girl but love country music.

6. What is your favorite TV show?

Guilty pleasure/favorite TV show is definitely anything in The Bachelor franchise. I’m so hooked it’s embarrassing!

7. What was your favorite performance experience and why?

I think my proudest dance achievement was performing with Common Thread Contemporary Dance at the Spring to Dance Festival in St. Louis. It was such an honor to perform in such a big festival and I loved sharing the stage with so many talented artists!

8. This is our 15th season as a company. What does that mean to you?

I am so incredibly honored to be a part of KCCD’s 15th season. This company is full of beautiful artists and really beautiful people. I instantly felt welcomed into the company and genuinely love to be in rehearsals. The movement is ever changing and every day I come to work excited to see what we’re doing next. I grew up in KC so it really is a dream come true to be dancing professionally in the city I’ve always called home.

9. Why did you choose to be a professional dancer?

My choice to be a professional dancer was one that has always been clear to me. I’ve never wanted to do anything else with my life and my worries were not if I wanted to do it but if I could do it. It’s really special to have been dancing professionally for the past few years and I am so thankful I’ve gotten the opportunity to do so. There are so many ups and downs as a dancer but it feels good to know it was all worth it.

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